The MBB/Kawasaki BK117 is a twin-engined medium utility–transport helicopter. This model of helicopter is popular for passenger and VIP-transport, seating from seven to 10 people. It is also used for aerial crane and sling work, law enforcement, and military transport, and is exceptional as an air ambulance and search and rescue platform. The BK117 has single engine OEI performance, 9 passenger seats in the single pilot role and 8 in the 2 pilot roles. It can be equipped with Hoist and EMS equipment. It has a small main rotor profile that allows a greater safety factor when operating in tight areas. The Aircraft can be operated IFR or VFR and has completed over 20,000 hours of operation in PNG.


The BK117-850D2 is a variant of the BK117 helicopter. This STC allows the helicopter to dramatically increase the maximum OEI hover weight. The BK117-850D2 has been designed with the requirements of EMS operators in mind, with a focus on operational safety and superior Category A compliance with proven reliability and increased performance.

The BK117-850D2 allows Heli Niugini to carry more payload to more places. With remarkable performance improvements in hot and high conditions the BK117-850D2 is flexible and powerful.


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