Our Services

Our extensive years of operations in Papua New Guinea, the company has successfully managed and conducted many types of specialist helicopter operations. Our operations have ranged from working in rugged terrain such as tropical jungles to high altitude mountain top construction sites.


Setting the Standard in Safety, Reliability and Performance

IFR Oil exploration support; We specialise in the following services:

  • IFR charter operations;
  • Onshore Oil exploration support;
  • Heli Rig moves and support;
  • Mineral exploration support;
  • Seismic Survey and support;
  • Power Transmission Line construction;
  • Medivac and Search & Rescue;
  • Police and Emergency Services Support;
  • Precision construction work;
  • Transmission tower construction;
  • Mineral, hydrology & engineering surveys;
  • Mountain top construction;
  • Ski lift & cableway construction;
  • Heli Logging;
  • Dam upgrades and structural reinforcing;
  • Safe hand courier services;
  • General charter;
  • Aviation Logistic Project Management; and
  • Loadmaster training / management
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