Heli Niugini CEO, Navin Raju receiving the Safety Award for their exemplary effort in sustaining and building Improved Safety performances in PNG from representatives of REPSOL 

At Heli Niugini, we will not compromise on safety.


We actively work to maintain and enhance our safety culture through ongoing pilot and staff training, and constant evaluation of our procedures. HNL operates the fleet of Helicopters in accordance with a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved maintenance system.

Underpinning HNL’s operation is a safety infrastructure that is second to none and spans to every employee and every aspect of the helicopter service. HNL has created a strong safety culture that is committed to providing safe helicopter operations.

A comprehensive Safety and Quality Management System (SMS) is an integral part of the company’s safety and quality strategy and is built on a strong culture that gives every team member the authority to identify, report and correct unsafe practices and procedures.

HNL operates under an Integrated Safety and Quality Management System. Our “SERA” management system software allows all personnel to report improvements, hazards, issues and incidents freely and without prejudice, providing a considerably positive effect on communication and trust through all levels within the organisation.

The system is a closed-loop approach in which any corrective actions and recommendations are always provided to the reporter at the conclusion of the process.

 HNL’s safety management systems comply with PNG CASA’s Part 100 Safety Management System, which aligns to the ICAO guidelines and specifications.

 We are proud and committed to maintaining our safety record.

Satellite Tracking System

HNL currently operates a web-based GPS tracking system (Spidertrack), which allows both customer and operator to track aircraft in real-time at a predetermined sampling interval. Spidertrack incorporates a robust messaging system.

HNL has a fully staffed operations centre with live tracking in place and a backup paging system for alerts.

Appareo Vision 1000

We are committed to high level of flight performance. Our Helicopters are fitted with Appareo Vision 1000 which records flight data. Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) provides meaningful, manageable information that can be used to facilitate sound decision making for both day-to-day operations and long-term planning. Benefits include:

•            Enhanced operational oversight.

•            Risk identification and mitigation.

•            Efficient allocation of safety and training resources.


FDM is reviewed and analysed by wholly dedicated personnel to proactively identify and mitigate risks. Our proactive and effective performance management enables a safer, more efficient and quality flight experience.



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