Heli Niugini Limited (HNL) is a Papua New Guinea (PNG) incorporated company with experience in operations throughout PNG, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. HNL specialises in Precision Construction, Mining and Petroleum industry support including seismic support in both general Visual Flight Rule (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) category operations.

The company operates the largest Russian fleet in the region including the Mil 8 as well as having access to the Mil 26, which is the world’s largest helicopter. Our Western Fleet includes Bell 407s and the new Eagle B407HP. HNL operates the region’s largest BK117 fleet, including the new -850 Cat A / PC1 capable BK117. Our fleet also includes a medium Bell 205 and Bell 206L3, which enables HNL to provide clients with a range of solution to meet any logistic requirements in Papua New Guinea.


We have experience in operating over 12,000 flying hours per year. Our operations encompass a wide spectrum of clients from mining and petroleum exploration support including support of seismic operations, precision construction and charter services.

At Heli Niugini, we recognise the importance of human capital and the impact it has on service, safety and quality.

HNL employs over 200 highly specialised and experienced employees competent in the areas of aviation, safety and customer service.

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