Heli Niugini Limited (HNL) is the premier Helicopter service provider in Papua New Guinea. HNL is a Papua New Guinea (PNG) incorporated company with experience in operations throughout PNG, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The Company specialises in Precision Construction, Mining and Petroleum industry support including seismic support in both general Visual Flight Rule (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) category operations. 

Setting the Standard in Safety, Reliability and Performance 

Heli Niugini’s philosophy is to supply premium helicopter services in the most professional manner, and in the safest possible way. We strive every day to ensure the highest safety standards and practices, and to provide our customers with a most reliable fleet with exceptional performance and in the most efficient manner.

Heli Niugini operates a large diversified fleet of Helicopters from the Bell B206 to the Mil 8.  The company operates the largest Russian fleet in the region including the Mil 8 as well as having access to the Mil 26, which is the world’s largest helicopter. Our Western Fleet includes Bell 407s and the new Eagle B407HP. HNL operates the region’s largest BK117 fleet, including the new -850 Cat A / PC1 capable BK117. Our fleet also includes a medium Bell 205 and Bell 206L3. 

The diversified fleet enables HNL to provide clients with a range of solution to meet any logistic requirement in Papua New Guinea. 


Eagle B407


Introducing the Eagle B407HP to the PNG market.

Heli Niugini is proud to introduce the Eagle 407HP helicopter, powered by Honeywell’s HTS900 turboshaft engine to PNG market. The installation of the 1,021 SHP Honeywell engine results in a 22% increase in Takeoff Power (Sea Level, ISA) dramatically improving payload capability and performance at higher altitudes and incorporates a true dual channel FADEC system. Read More..


Safety Award



Repsol Recognises Heli Niugini with Safety Award.


Repsol’s Executive Director for Asia and Russia, Ferdinando Rigardo, has recognized Heli Niugini with a safety Award for their exemplary effort in sustaining and building improved safety performances. Heli Niugini has made strides in operationalizing Contractor HSE Management Standard across their business.  Repsol has been working closely with Heli Niugini since October 2013, demonstrating the Spaniard’s commitment to PNG, by improving contractor performance and safety standards across their operations in the Western Province.

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